NetBSD 4.0 sürümü çıktı

NetBSD 4.0 de gelen esas değişim ZEN 3 sanal sunucu, bluetooth, yeni donanım sürücüleri ve ARM, PowerPC and MIPS işlemci desteğidir.

NetBSD 4.0 da olan değişiklikler için resmi sürüm duyuru bağlantısını aşağıdadır. []

Major Changes Between 3.0 and 4.0

The complete list of changes can be found in the CHANGES and CHANGES-4.0 files in the top level directory of the NetBSD 4.0 release tree. Some highlights include:

* agr(4): new pseudo-device driver for link level aggregation.
* IPv6 support was extended with an RFC 3542-compliant API and added for gre(4) tunnels and the tun(4) device.
* An NDIS-wrapper was added to use Windows binary drivers on the i386 platform, see ndiscvt(8).
* The IPv4 source-address selection policy can be set from a number of algorithms. See “IPSRCSEL” in options(4) and in_getifa(9).
* Imported wpa_supplicant(8) and wpa_cli(8). Utilities to connect and handle aspects of 802.11 WPA networks.
* Imported hostapd(8). An authenticator for IEEE 802.11 networks.
* carp(4): imported Common Address Redundancy Protocol to allow multiple hosts to share a set of IP addresses for high availability / redundancy, from OpenBSD.
* ALTQ support for the PF packet filter.
* etherip(4): new EtherIP tunneling device. It’s able to tunnel Ethernet traffic over IPv4 and IPv6 using the EtherIP protocol specified in RFC 3378.
* ftpd(8) can now run in standalone mode, instead of from inetd(8).
* tftp(1) now has support for multicast TFTP operation in open-loop mode, server is in progress.
* tcp(4): added support for RFC 3465 Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC) and Explicit Congestion Notification as defined in RFC 3168.

File systems

* scan_ffs(8), scan_lfs(8): utilities to find FFSv1/v2 and LFS partitions to recover lost disklabels on disks and image files.
* tmpfs: added a new memory-based file system aimed at replacing mfs. Contrary to mfs, it is not based on a disk file system, so it is more efficient both in overall memory consumption and speed. See mount_tmpfs(8).
* Added UDF support for optical media and block devices, see mount_udf(8). Read-only for now.
* NFS export list handling was changed to be filesystem independent.
* LFS: lots of stability improvements and new cleaner daemon. It is now also possible to use LFS as root filesystem.
* vnd(4): the vnode disk driver can be used on filesystems such as smbfs and tmpfs.
* Support for System V Boot File System was added, see newfs_sysvbfs(8) and mount_sysvbfs(8).



o Support for new models on drivers such as Intel ICH8/6300ESB, NVIDIA nForce 3/4, etc.
o Added support for AC’97 modems.