How to retrieve Email via POP3 using Telnet

1. Telnet into Exchange server hosting IMS service using TCP port 110. Command is telnet 110

2. Turn on local echo on your telnet client so that you can see what you are typing. On Win 9x and NT 3.5/4.0 Telnet client this done by selecting the “preferences” from the “terminal” pull down menu, and checking the local echo radio button. For Windows 2000 telnet client, issue command “set local_echo”, from the telnet command prompt.

3. After performing step 1 the terminal window text should appear as follows

+OK Microsoft Exchange POP3 server version 5.5.2653.23 ready

4. Issue the following command sequence.

user \\

note: Since local echo has been set, your password will appear on the telnet terminal window in plain text.

Displays a list of email messages

Displays a specific message in the telnet terminal window

Deletes a specific message

Closes telnet session